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We Gave You Just the Tip - Now Here’s Full Penetration…

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010
What’s up wittle rabbits!? I’m back to finish what I started.  That’s right, Ryan Rabbit here giving you the complete “Marilyn” video featuring Amanda Lepore and Cazwell, and directed by Leo Herrera.
As you may recall, awhile back–in the lovely, terribly missed days of summer 2010–I had posted just a sneak peek of the vid, which made your mouth (and, let’s be real, other body parts) water.  Well, about two weeks ago–sorry for the late posting–the full-feature video was released, and boy oh boy is it stunning.
The opening shots of various New York City landscapes are simply breathtaking and make a little rabbit like myself feel so fortunate to be hopping around such a unique location.
The video has an old soul and needs little promotion because it sells itself, just like the renowned Marilyn Monroe.  Both Lepore and Caz command the screen and the track with their homoerotic deliciousness. Ay Carumba!
*swoons* — Ay!
Just when you thought you’ve seen everything from Ms. Lepore… Not only does she swallow pills, but also my eternal innocence in this video! Slurrrrrp!

I May Be a Victim of Infatuation, But…

Monday, September 6th, 2010
Wowza, bunnies, it’s been awhile since I’ve written a review of ANYTHING (I’m sorry, I’m sorry), but I just had to hit the keys for Katy Perry’s video/new single for “Teenage Dream.”  Sure, I may be a little love-crazed lately (ask me when you see me), but this video is just feel-good fun-FANTASTIC. The video that accompanies the single features the lovely Purry in a convertible with her hunkalicious dreamboat beau–no, not Russel Brand… slash am I the only one who thinks he belongs in the category of “hunkalicious dreamboat”?–just living carefree… as anyone in love would do.  One of my personal favorite parts is when her beau slams his foot on the pedal of the convertible as the beat picks up for the chorus, effortless–albeit cliche–amazingness.


True life: I’ve always thought Katy Perry was the cutest artist out there (Kudos, Maxim), and this video does not hide that adorable quality.  She just carelessly enjoys herself, which is why I write this review as the summer comes to a close… so enjoy yourselves like Ms. Purry does in her video.  If you do it the right way, you and I could be “young forever.”







All Hearts Pulsed for Robyn This Past Thursday.

Monday, August 9th, 2010
Konichiwa bitches!  I’ve had to let this experience sink in for a few days before I could even try to write a review about it.  That’s right, I’m talking about Robyn & Kelis’ All Hearts Tour.  The show took place at Webster Hall on the night of Thursday, August 5th, which was the second show they put on there due to a quick ticket sell-out for their first show.  Beginning at 6 PM, Far East Movement took the stage and then followed by budding star Dan Black.  I unfortunately did not make it out in time to catch these opening acts, but c’mon, let’s be real, a concert starting at six?  I got things to do!  Anyway I’m sure Far East Movement was a crazy smash, after seeing them at Bamboozle when they performed before Roxy took the stage.  And there’s a ton of buzz around Dan Black, so I’m sure he was fantastic as well.

Moving on to what I DID see…


Yes, bunnies, that is Kelis donned in a shimmery black wig reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s wig featured in The Bodyguard… Oh, by the way, watched that movie for the first time last night, I miss normal, lucid Whitney.  Anyway, Kelis looked BANGIN’ in a blue spandex jumpsuit… I could hear Nas slapping himself during the entire set, boy made a mistake!  She mainly performed songs from her latest album, Flesh Tone, which has moved her into a new genre for the artist, Dance/Electronica.  However, once you thought you were only going to here songs from the album, suddenly the beat to Madonna’s “Holiday” begins–oh just you wait–she then goes into singing “Milkshake,” over the beat, which then progresses into a jam out to Major Lazer’s “Pon de Floor.”  I seriously thought the floor was going to Pon de COLLAPSE.  Amazeballs.  The entire set was an orgasm for the eye as the lights went crazy with colors, flashes, and brilliance.  And to close it off, she then performed her debut single “Acapella,” and it was clear, the crowd was definitely feeling the newly reinvented artist.


Ugh. Just Ugh.  How I WISH it could be Thursday night every minute of my life. Seriously, it was that amazing. Standing at 5 foot, 3 inches, this tiny Swedish star is a BALL OF FIRE, and I’m in love. First, her musicians took the stage, dressed all in white/science lab attire, making the stage an electronic laboratory of experimental, brilliant music.  She opened with two tracks off her most recent CD, Body Talk Pt. 1, namely “Fembot,” and “Cry When You Get Older.”  After those two tracks, it was very apparent, this is not a concert, this is a dance/love/bliss-fest where at the end of each song, Robyn would continue the beats to dance and prance around stage.  Oh, and her DANCE MOVES… after the concert I went to a bar with a couple of my friends and we honestly took to the dance floor with the intention of emulating her moves and grooves. Lord, I can only imagine the hilarity for the bystanders watching us, but I do not care, the night was magical!



Oh, can I tell you? In the middle of the concert, she performed her single off Body Talk Pt. 1, “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do,” and had a backtrack sing the vocals for her while she stood staring at the audience eating a banana with a look that screamed “Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do.” Fierce, absolutely fierce.


Robyn, as a performer, was incredibly grateful the entire concert as she would frequently pause and hold her heart in between her songs and just look into the crowd with so much affection and gratitude.  ALL the HEARTS were pumping juices and pulsating for the blonde superstar, which culminated after the closing song “With Every Heartbeat,” where she lifted up her hands in the shape of a heart, only prompting all the concert-goers to emulate her.  A beautiful closing to a beautiful concert…


So, thank you Robyn, je t’adore, and I cannot wait to see your triumphant return to the States.

Stay tuned for a review on her new disc, Body Talk Pt. 2, which is due out in September, but you know I already copped it.


Dancing [and Crying] on My Own

Monday, July 19th, 2010
Wowza, bunnies, get ready for an amazeballs music video. Emotion. Dance. Ecstasy. Yes, you guessed it, today’s all about ROBYN. Although the video has been out for some time now, I finally got around to watching her music video for her beautifully tragic song, “Dancing On My Own.”  I say beautifully tragic because the song is, duh, beautiful and tragic. It’s beautiful because the beat and vocals are just absolutely effortless, but tragic because it’s about heartbreak. The video perfectly blends the two to create an emotional powerhouse of visuals and sounds, especially towards the end where I can swear Robyn is building up some tears, or maybe I’m imagining it because my vision is blurred because I have teared up every time I watch the video, but that’s another story!
I don’t buy music videos off iTunes that often, obviously because YouTube exists and this boy is constantly BROKE, BUT I had to buy the video because it is just that beautiful. What I love most is how simple it is, flipping between Robyn standing alone in a club full of entranced dancers and her in a sound stage behind lights and speakers. Sure, Lady GaGa makes inspiring videos, but there are a ton of elements that add up to make it noteworthy; however, the fact that Robyn can cause such an emotional stir to the viewer with such a simple concept is absolutely brilliant. Check out the video here and brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster.

I Always Say XXXO to a Shot of Teqkilla

Wednesday, July 14th, 2010
Comin’ at ya live from the Hamptons, bunnies, with your weekly dosage of new tunes.  On this lovely Bastille Day, Frenchies, we are calling on another foreigner, from the island of Sri Lanka, miss M.I.A.  The “Paper Planes” banga is back with her new collection, /\/\/\Y/\ (read: MAYA).  Just by looking at the title of the album, you can tell how technologically-driven the album is, say hello to the 21st century! HERRO! Even the first sounds on the album are the clicks of a keyboard, leading into a crazy riff about how the “head bone connects to the neck bone… hand bone connects to the Internet connects it to the Google connects it to the government.” Political amazeballs.
My first speculations about the album were wary as I thought it’d be too much to handle after she offed so many rangas in her debut, very political music video for “Born Free.”  I mean, no one can mess with my Chuckie Finster, M.I.A. Along with the sad loss of the precious gingers, I thought “Born Free” was a penchant for a heavily political album, like too heavy, like Rosie O’Donnell’s left ass cheek heavy.
BUT then “XXXO” was released, her second single, and it was a carefree, bumpin’ track, so my worries were caged up like Lindsay Lohan (90 days, ya’ll)! I just can’t wait for the return of the rainbow’d videos of M.I.A. when she releases the video for “XXXO,” let’s give the redheads a rest this time around, honey.  Don’t make me go Chris Crocker on your ass, “LEAVE THE GINGERS ALONE!!!”
Some of my other favorite tracks are “Tekqilla,” especially the latest version featuring the queen of the scene, Nicki Minaj.  Although “Tekqilla” is not a lyrically-impressive track as the bamboo banga clearly was more worried about the beat than the words, she still delivers as the beat is incredibly mind-fucking, especially with a “shot of teqkilla in me.”
While we’re riding the wave of the beats on /\/\/\Y/\, it must be said that this trend is a common thread throughout the CD, yet I appreciate the time she took to craft what supports her impressive lyrics.  Still, nothing touches the lyricism of Kala.  Unfortunately the songs aren’t too club-friendly… yet.  You know the remixes are going to be crazy delicious, I mean, the remixes for “XXXO” are already bamboo bangin’, especially the Fulton Yard/Waltboogie or Reese’s Pieces remixes, aw heeeelllll!
On the spirit of Bastille Day, and Fourth of July, you MUST check out “Tell Me Why,” which has this very marching band, military-esque zing to it.  I just want to don an army green garb and march through a warzone.  Well not really… but really.
So goodbye and Au Revoir, bunnies! You’ll hear from me next time.
-XXXO… hehe-

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