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Marriage and More Career Moves

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

WOW! My friends RB & Mae are getting married! This is so exciting! So we party with them on Thursday at SOHO 323RB Umali is the ill video god (especially with the skate thing) and it’s also his birthday.

Heres an email I just got from him:

Soho:323 - 323 West Broadway just above Canal St.

Look for me at my table upstairs..  I will have a bottle of something!
Please come thru, have a drink, show some love, and wish me luck in the
married life i’m about to live..

Yeah you heard it right..  i’m marrying my Sydney Sweetheart (Mae) on
Friday.   Hope to see you there.  RB.

323 West Broadway
(Upstairs after 11pm!)

I threw his birthday party last year too! Heres a pic from the throwback.


On the real real, Taureans do it best, so stay true to your bull.

Then on Friday my boy Justin Montag will be finally moving to Cali and start his career with Apple! Yes Apple! I’m hella bummed to be losing such a great dude, but seriously Apple just gained one of their most valuable employees. I am beyond excited for him. I think he will have something to do with itunes so we say goodbye to him after the Knitting Factory show at Lucky Jacks in the LES.


Lucky Jack’s
April 28th, *this Friday*
129 Orchard St (btwn. Rivington and Delancey)

Tunes provided by:
Liberation Front

See you there!

Married to the Blog

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Yeah man this shit is kinda craze documenting my life and all but I’m into. Documentation is my shit!!!! I had a brief blog over on my myspace but I’m over that ish now cause Greg Naw hooked me up something silly with the Word Press Blogosphere.
I’m supposed to be sleeping right now but I can’t for some strange reason. You would think after Mondays party and 6 hours of shopping with your boyfriends Cuizi Cuiz and Orgasmic, then another 2 hours of tacos and champagne I would be in bed dead…but nope, I’m blogging.

We got the illest gear today…..



The prize gems? Fafis Adicolor tracksuit and Supremes “ARON PUT ME ON” T.

So ill, I heart that boy and he put me on to so much over the last 2 years. You wanna learn how to hustle you gotta hang with the best.


We took it in the backdoor for the aNYthing GLOB.

Brendan/BARR is in town too but missed the birthday party by like 10 hours. He showed me the newest AMP Zine and HUGE feature on your girl OC. Aron also got like 6 pages or something. Brendan is a motivator, positive and just so on time with whats really now. I love it. Thank you Brendan.

Tomorrow I may take the boys to the Polo Mansion, I need to figure out where that is, sad I’ve never been. Cuizi is looking for tall Polos. Does RL make them? Who knows?


Man, making power moves, Matt Sonzala of Houston So Real and I hooked your boys Chingo Bling and Cuizinier together. They should be making international hits so soon. I don’t know if I’m supposed to let the tamale out of the kitchen but, that shit is hot as hell so consider it let.


What else…oh lord Taco Tuesday was insane.


Lots of people there again and your girl Jules of Bijules NYC and Katie of Good Peoples/Warner Bros were behind the bar slangin dranks. At one point I was just so silly with it I started telling them what lame and slow bartenders they are. Man those are my girls so its still funny to me.


Junior came too and got me a bottle of champagne so I was nice.


More presents and some funky ass glasses from Maggie. We came back to the Cottontail Estate and were supposed to just disco nap but now its 4:20 AM and I woke up and now I’m all hype and can’t sleep. Grrrrrrrr.

I can’t wait for Friday at the Knitting Factory with A-trak and then Saturday, your boy Spankrock!


His album release party at Mercury Lounge. He got written up in the New Yorker! Cuizi is opening for that too. This week is insane. I’m gonna try to count rabbits or something.


Tuesday, April 25th, 2006


WOW, just waking up from the most amazing night. What amazing friends I have, I am a lucky gal. I got the most beautiful flowers last night that make my apartment look/smell so nice today. The OC Cookies were top dollar too and CLAW hit me off with the dopest gear too. Bronques already got party pics on his site! He is so fast! I’m not uploading mine til later today. Today, with my 2 French men, DJ Orgasmic & Cuizinier we will be all over downtown! We are hitting up aNYthing, Clientele, alife and more. If you know about Cuizi, then you know this man likes to shop! Look for us, we’ll be hot on the streets today. I’m also interviewing Suzanne Bartsch today for Swindle magazine….so excited about this!!! Taco Tuesday later at Luke & Leroy…See you laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nice dinners and fancy limo rides with my future clients & webmaster…

Monday, April 24th, 2006


Sittin in SEA.


Dudes are apparently tripping over the Jordan 7s but I love the Pink AF1s. Barbie Hipster classic.



Ghostface, Slick Rick, The Rub Battle, Aron the Don & Amsterdam

Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Last night I took Aron to see Ghostface, Slick Rick, Papoose & M1. DJ Premier was on the wheels and hurt em with the 1990s hits. Live n Direct put on the show and sold Nokia Theater the fuck out. It was dope, but I can see why Papoose has been booed of many a NYC stage. No offense but when you come out to the party your first song should be with a john blaze beat. This dude came out acapella on some hush hush booorrrrring. Slick Rick and Ghost killed it. Although, I did see Ghost at SXSW this year in Austin Texas and he performed to an audience of about 287 people at the Levis house. It was the most intimate and sincere rap show I may have ever seen. So nothing could really top that.

Speaking of SXSW….My dear friends/peers/DJs of THE RUB got into this major battle in downtown Austin while we were there. I was standing right there on the corner until I noticed DJ Ayres taking off all his gear and I ran like a pussy to get Catchdubs and Cosmo. HA! Anyways the video of the now infamous fight made it on Youtube. Check out your boy, Spankrock retelling the battle with that thick Bmore accent and Teki of TTC with the Parisian commentary. I love these boys.

After the Ghostface/Nokia Theater Jumpoff we went to Lit where Kid America and Kier were Djing. Aron and Kid A set up the plan for worldly domination and their Amsterdam High in Holland Trip. I’m tryin to go, so if aNYone wants to buy me a ticket I promise to smoke all your weed when we get there. Let’s make a deal.

Kid A & Aron
High in Holland

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