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New Isa Gt x Maluca Mix!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
So if you haven’t already heard of Maluca, wake the hell up and stop living under a rock! She’s the newest sensation since M.I.A. and Santigold! Maluca describes herself as “Half Dominican, Half Pain in the Ass!” with a hell of alotta flavor and swag might I add Ms. Maluca! Her song “El Tigeraso” (tigeraso meaning bad boys w/ alot of swag in dominican), has been a well kept secret and now that its blowing up everyone loves it!
Its becoming such a hit in fact that Isa Gt just exclusively remixed El Tigeraso for A+R.
To hear the track go here and click Tigerazo Bootleg.
P.S. I Hope You guys checked Maluca out in London yesterday, I know she ripped it!

Hellz Bellz the New Collection is Here!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
Hellz Yeah!! is what I’m currently chanting right now as I’m previewing Hellz Bellz new summer collection titled “So Lolita.” Hellz Bellz is usually known for being edgy, hardcore and very carefree when it comes to their designs. The wearer is generally a standout power driven female who loves to be flirty and have fun. I was very excited to see that Hellz changed up their look to something they haven’t really explored in the past. They took the flirtyness and edginess that their brand is known for and they mixed it up with a taste of high fashion. Goes to show you that even the most casual things can be dressed up ;)! The collection features a lot of black, but at the same time they chose the right bursts of colors to match this summers vibe.I am in love with the first look, I want that military inspired jacket ASAP! It’s a must have! Here are some pictures from the collection, if you want to see more click here. After seeing these I’m pretty sure you’ll be just as obsessed as I am so head out and buy yourself some new Hellz Bellz threads @ a boutique near you!

Electric Punnany Strikes again!

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Oh Sway! How you never fail to disappoint us on a Monday! May 25th marked another hot and racy Monday at Sway. Everyone drank and got busy to sets by Jasmine Solano and Melo X. The crowd was awfully electric and spicy, but of course I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, to check out the rest of Tone’s photos, click here!






Peace Out Fellow New Yorkers

Hope to See You @ Sway Next Monday

Be Ready to Sweat ;)


Mash It Up w/ Ashy Larry!

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Monday is by definition known as the day no one looks foward to because it signifies the end of the weekends gallivanting and the beginning of the stressful work week. It has been this way since before both my parents and your parents were even thought of being conceived.

But fellow bunnies I am here to tell you that the instense hatred you feel for Mondays is about to end. I have found the solution! Drum Roll Please!


The answer to all your Monday problems and anxieties lies within the Laughing Lounge on the Lower East Side every Monday @ 8pm. His name is Ashy Larry and he performs his wild and raw stand up comedy every week. Some of you may know him from the Chapelle show! The event goes by the name of Mash Up Mondays (sounds like a stress reliever don’t you think?)

Trust me when I tell you that you wouldn’t want to miss this! It’s a new installment that is being worked out and tested within this really relaxed and laid back enviroment. Some of the material tends to be gravely offensive, buts its used to make you laugh till you literally cry. One of the Cottontails described it as “Cry my a river hysterical”! I definetely agree with that one! Its refreshing to see a new upcoming talent cause such a huge buzz! It’s a steal for how funny it is! A guaranteed bang for your buck! I mean come on its Ashy Larry from the Chapelle show! Comfy seating, rounds of booze + some good old stand up?! Sound like La Dolce Vita to me.

Check out the Flyer:


Laugh Lounge 151 Essex

@ StantonĀ 







Sunglass Hut x Business Class = Success

Friday, May 22nd, 2009

On Tuesday May 19th Federation Sound celebrated their 10th anniversary at Santos Party House along with the Cottontails! Business Class and Sunglass Hut got together in order to make this event the blazing hot success that it was! To top off the madness of the event there were live performances from special guests Sean Paul and Dr. Evil to name a few! Honestly, whats better then bringing in the summer with a nice cocktail and some good grinding music!

Check out Roxy and Sean Paul at the event!

Lets Make this Summer Memorable Baby!


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