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Podcast Mania

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
I have fab news for those of you who love our mama bunny Roxy Cottontail! All her booty poppin, cork poppin, and pant droppin mixtapes are available for you to listen to on!
Our girl is making moves. This site is my playlist every morning. Forget the coffee, get to crackin and listen to these tunes!
To listen to the mixtapes Click Here.


Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

The Pepsi DJ Division site went live today! Kinda like the NFL draft for DJs I suppose?

My homeslice of nice, Greg Naw of No Favorite designed the site!
Check it out:

My brethren Diplo, A-trak, Skeet Skeet Clinton Sparks, DJ Drama, DJ Irie & Enuff are on board too.

I’ll be a correspondent at the All Points West Festival this weekend! Will you be there? Not sure which day we will go. I’m excited!!! One of my fans on Twitter just said… Roxy Cottontail “You put the ‘Pep’ in Pepsi” :)


Picture 1.png

My Girl Loves To Party All The Time!

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Hey babies.

It’s me Roxy Cottontail! How are you??? We got a crazy week ahead….come along for the ride if you dare….even in the NY monsoon? Yes little kitty, it will be scattered & isolated thunderstorms all week. Be brave and ride it out w/ me….

Tonight is the massively fun Electric Punanny at Sway. Get involved! It’s gonna be a banger and it’s tonight!

Wednesday I’m super excited to co-host LICK @ Le Poisson Rouge w/ Zoe Kravits band Elevator Fight! I just saw them perform at Highline a couple Mondays ago and they were awesome!!! It is going to be amazing, apparently there is lots in store for us… food, dance & much more! I’m excited! There’s a very generous reduced Guest List before midnight (how nice of them) $5 w/ RSVP@THISISLICK.COM. Do not miss this. You will regret it.

Then on Saturday my Go Getting 71Eight boys DJ Sinatra & Sal Morales came at me with this genius idea to end summer super sexy in the Rivington Penthouse Rooftop every Saturday. I said “Are you da fu¢king best?” and they said “No Roxy, you da fu¢king best”. We properly branded our new weekly party PENTHOUSE KEY CLUB. Maybe YOU will get a key to the Penthouse Key Club? Come as creative & fancy as you can possibly get with us at the Penthouse Key Club this Saturday August 1st and every Saturday after. Holler back to get a PKC Key. 10pm til….

- Monday July 27th -
Roxy Cottontail Presents…


DJ Jasmine Solano
+ DJ Melo X
Hosted By Roxy Cottontail

Street Cosignor, Jasmine Solano and Stevie Lee

Photos by Tone
Door by Baby Rox

Complimentary Malibu Rum from 10-11pm

Celebrating The Birthday’s of Texas, Miz Metro + Lena Lollipop

305 Spring Street
(Btwn Greenwich + Hudson)
10PM - 4AM

Fellas bring ladies for guaranteed entry!




- Wednesday July 29th -
Taste Presents…


One Year Anniversary

…Performing Live…

w/ Zoe Kravitz
The Lick Dancers and Choreographers
Melanie “Ninja” Aguirre
Karla Garcia
of “So You Think You Can Dance”
…Hors D’oeuvres Courtesy Of…
Brooklyn Feast
…Visuals By…
Coco Black
…Music By…
…Photos By…
…Hosted By…
Kathleen Dragon
Meghan Stabile
King Texas
Francesca Mirra
158 Bleeker
(Btwn Thompson & Sullivan)
Doors Open @ 11pm // $10 @ the Door
$5 w/ RSVP before Midnight
- Saturday August 1st -
…Featuring Music By..
107 Rivington
10pm til…
Roxy & The Cottontails

Maui Wowie Baby!

Monday, July 20th, 2009

For those of you Urban Shoppers, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Karmaloop. If you didn’t already know they sell the hottest brands in Urban apparel. You can buy anything from Hellz Bellz to MOB to Joyrich on the site. I would like to describe them as THE SHIT! Non the less they also have a site called KarmaloopTV where they interview celebs and have the latest info on things going on in the game right now.

Just recently they interviewed Kid Cudi about his album andinstant rise to success. He gave our girl Roxy Cottontail a shoutout!! Can you believe it? I sure couldn’t. I had to peep that shit myself.

Check it here !

You can catch the shout out @ 3:49!


Go Cudi Baby.

Lets Get Some Maui Wowie :)


Pool Takeover

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

Atlantic City – Chelsea Hotel Cabana Club Pool Party – July 5th 2009

This is one of those events I try to convert non-believers into believers for. It’s the type of event where you have to embrace your inner gypsy and let the Cottontails & the Hey Girl Hey Girls guide you. It’s one of those magical occurrences where you have to travel 3 hours or more or less depending on where you’re coming from. DJ Skeet Skeet came all the way from LA for it. I think the pictures prove the madness & magic that was made. “Hey Girl Hey is the no game of parties”. You can quote me on that.
We’ve conquered The Gansevoort in Miami and The Chelsea in Atlantic City….
What pool & city should we come for next???????????


We befriended the head chef of Chelsea Prime! Here Hey Girl Hey & Chef Jason are photographed with the infamous Mahi Wrap.


we also befriended Kristin, a Philadelphia promoter.


Here is the HGH crew in the lobby of the Chelsea Hotel.


My set was super fun! Especially since I had the HGH cheerleaders.


The HGH cheerleaders brought the pom poms to set it off with as much cheer as possible.


Swimming in the pool was my favorite part, the only thing that sucked was the chlorine turned my white bikini green!!! Gasp!


Paloma is my BFF & biz partner in Hey Girl Hey. She’s a fabulous wardrobe stylist and always dressed for success. This was the look she described as “The Release”


We decided Paloma should attempt poolside palm reading. It was a hit!


More music please!


Skeet Skeet & Vivington. Skeet killed it!!!


We love you Chelsea Hotel!

Here are the rest of the Hey Girl Hey Atlantic City party photos:

See You @ The Pool!

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