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Party Rock at Fake Blood!!!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

So, last weekend the Cottontail crew went out to Brooklyn to 213 N. 8th to shake our bunny tails to the sweet sounds of one of our favorite DJs: FAKE BLOOD. He slaughtered, maimed and annihilated the set and the crowd with some sweet ass music, as usual. It was some super serious fun and here are flicks from the night to prove it. They were shot by the infamous Bronques and if you want to peep the rest of the debauchery click here! PLUS… if you bring your attention to the fine, fabulous and fierce white leggings sported by Roxy you’ll notice not only do they have bomb zippers and a sassy little “YES” on the bum bum, butttt they were made by Party Rock. Our fave boys from LMFAO started Party Rock and it’s up and banging. Pick up a pair of the killer leggings or perhaps a “polka dot bikini, gurrrrl” HERE at their online store. Party Rock? Party On!


-Pebbles Baby Rox










Summer Of Sway

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

This past Monday at Sway we brought the house down with DJ Schoolboy and DJ E Rock! We wanted to celebrate the OFFICIAL beginning of summer and what better place to celebrate then our Monday home @ Sway. Along with our summer bash we also celebrated The First Lady Of the Retro Kids birthday! Happy Belated Birthday Mama! We hope you had fun! Check out Tones flicks from the night here






We’re Always Live @ Sway!

Come Joins Us Next Monday



Atlantic City on Full Blast - it’s a HEY GIRL HEY holiday!!!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

Sneaker freaker by the speaker!!! For real kids, this week is gonna be a blast. On Friday the 26th Sneaker Pimps is back, this time at Terminal 5. Big Boi, Jadakiss and Wale perform plus mucho mas guests and DJs, including Ninjasonik, Team Facelift and Ms. Roxy Cottontail. There will even be live skate demonstrations, special art installations and XBOX battles galore! Then Monday it’s another bananas edition of Electric Punnany at Sway. Not only is Miss Banks performing live AND Chad Dubz is DJing but it’s Melo X’s celebratory return gig! Plus ladies are FREE all night long. And, there’s free Hennessy Black from 10 to 11. All the perfect ingredients for a killer iller night. Then, look out look out wherever you are planning to be after July 4th cause it should really be in Atlantic City!!! That’s right. The rousing success of the New York and Miami editions of Hey Girl Hey have prompted us to put on a very special, very patriotic, very casino, very poolside version in Atlantic City on July 5th!!! It’s only a quick bus ride from Port Authority to gambling, drinks by the pool and killer music provided by Skeet Skeet, Roxy Cottontail and Figo. Some come on down to AC on July 5th to the Hotel Chelsea and we’ll see to it you have a banger of a time. For travel and rooms, email . And look out for more events coming up that we have in the works for you rabbitos!! See you at the cluuub (and at the pooool!!!).


-The Cottontails

-Friday June 26th-
Verizon Wireless presents…
Sneaker Pimps New York
The World’s Largest Sneaker Show
Presale Tickets $25
Terminal 5
610 W 56th St
btwn 11th and 12th
Doors at 8PM

- Monday June 29th -
Roxy Cottontail Presents…



DJ Jasmine Solano

+ DJ Melo X

with Special Guest DJ…

Chad Dubz

Special Live Performance by…

Miss Banks

Hosted By Roxy Cottontail

Street Cosignor, Jasmine Solano and Stevie Lee

Photos by Mel D. Cole

Door by Baby Rox

Complimentary Hennessy Black from 10 to 11

Celebrating Rockstar Society’s Mixtape Release


305 Spring Street

(Btwn Greenwich + Hudson)

10PM - 4AM

Fellas bring ladies for guaranteed entry!




-Sunday July 5th-

HEY GIRL HEY: Atlantic City Edition

All Day Pool Party!!!

Music by…

Skeet Skeet

Roxy Cottontail

+ Figo

for $15 tickets go to:

The Chelsea Hotel

Cabana Club

111 South Chelsea Ave

Atlantic City, NJ

12PM to 2AM

for bus tickets from New York:




Mystery Extravaganza @ Sway

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

This past Monday at Sway reminded me of an episode of Scooby Doo. The Mystery Machine was parked outside as everyone gathered to have a good time in the hopes of finding out who’s special birthday we were celebrating that night. Still don’t know who’s bday it was? Shame on you for not putting the clues together. It was definetely Dj Soul’s Birthday! Jinxies! Check out some of the pics from the fab night here.




Shake What Your Momma Gave Ya


Move over Jessica Rabbit, there’s a new Boss Bunny Bitch in Town…

Friday, June 19th, 2009

… and her name is Miriam Sakewitz. She’s a large and in charge, lop-eared lover who maybe is too big of a Jeffrey Dahmer fan for her own good. She didn’t eat them, if that’s what you’re thinking of. Although, that wouldn’t be that odd, considering rabbit stew is a popular dish in Germany. Anyway… back to the lecture at hand.
crazybunnylady.jpg Jeffrey Dahmer.jpgbunnies_03.jpg

I only make the connection illustrated above because when this biatch was arrested for the first time in Portland, Oregon in 2006 the po-lice found not only 250 little cottontail’ed friends hopping around her house but also, 100 dead bunny foo foos frozen up in her Frigidaire. Yeah. The 5-0s realized Ms. Sakewitz’s rabbit hoarding problem was so serious that they put out a restraining order on her in the name of every bunny out there. Good ol’ Miriam has to stay 100 yards from anything with floppy ears and a perky tail (look out, Michael Phelps!!). But seriously, folks, this shit is no joke. Can’t you see Miriam going door to door around her neighborhood introducing herself as your friendly, local small animal hoarder/molester/serial killer (or at least compulsive freezer). Pet stores probably have pictures of this bitch up behind the counter. She comes in to eat ice cream cones in front of the bunny cages in mirror-ized Oakley Razor Blades and a hoodie only to be sternly shown the sign that says “no creeping allowed.”


Welcome to the past three years of Miriam’s life. Her DVD copies of Alice in Wonderland, Bambi and Watership Down are all full of holes after repeated looped play. And soon enough that 2D flat screen rendition wasn’t enough for the looney tune Ms. M. She not only stole her bunnies back and then got 5 years probation, BUT… in 2007 the police performed a random search of her house and although they found no actual rabbits, there was a suspect bag in her possession. No, it was not filled with rabbit hair, or bunny parts, it was a 10 pound bag of carrots.


I guess the cops didn’t figure Miriam for a scurvy survivor and they threw her ass in the slammer for 3 days. Good to know a bag of carrots gets you 3 days in jail. Remind me never to go to Oregon with anything stronger than than an Advil PM in tow.



this little guy hearts ibuprofin!

Anyways, Tuesday Miriam was arrested after a maid at some $10 an hour motel found dozens of furry friends rabbiting around in her room and reported her to the authorities. Little did the maid know, this was not Miriam’s first dalliance with the cottontail’ed kind. I can see it now, Miriam in her pet-store-lurking-garb (Razor Blades and all), rolling up to The Bed Hopper Inn to the room she keeps for her special friends. She gets in the room and surriptitiously removes a jumbo pack of alfalfa and a hard cover copy of “Good Night Moon” from under her hoodie.


She’s about to curl up on the floor and let the night go where it will when the po-po’s start knocking down her door. (For some reason the only thing I can think of here is that fucking amazing scene from Death Becomes Her when Goldie Hawn and all her cats get busted in on by the cops and torn away from the TV. Underrated movie. Check the scene out.)


Too bad she never had the same childhood rabbit I did. She was a bitch. I later found out she was a dude, aptly named “Bunny” who kicked and bit and hissed. Granted I did dress her up when she was just a kit. Maybe that’s why HE was such a dick later in life. I scarred his rabbit gender identity. Poor Bunny.

fucked up.jpg

And poor Miriam and all her homeless little friends. Hopefully she can just collect bunny memorbelia (something we def. understand here at the House of Cottontail) and all the rabbit-os can be adopted by responsible 1st grade classes across the nation. And every one lived happily ever after. Except maybe the maid at The Bed Hopper Inn. And the pet shop owner. And maybe the carrots.

The End.


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