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Lost without Lost

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Oh yes. Yes I am. The title of this post is the description of my life since the end of the last season. And yes, I am about to nerd out majorly on you all. Because, Tuesday February 2nd at 9PM on abc, my life will get just a little bit better.


If you know nothing of Lost, don’t care about it or just haven’t seen a single episode you will probably a) be totally unamused by this post b) will stop reading right about now c) will read on in the hopes of understanding a little more about this phenomenon or d) think I’m a total numbnuts wackadoo. Either way. Here we go. Also, in case you haven’t seen the show or missed the odd episode here or there, here is an amazing synopsis reenacted by an Italian family from Long Island. Get involved and click away.

Picture 1.png

Ok- truth be told, you will probably only enjoy that if you’re a Lost fan. Otherwise you’re probably more confused than when we started. How about this as an explanation. Hugo “Hurley” Reyes explains to his mother all that’s happened to the castaways during the run of the show- almost.

Picture 4.png

And if you want it straight from abc’s self promoting mouth- here you go!!

Picture 51.png

And you know what, if you’re feeling particularly like a faux scholar, go ahead and read the long ass Wikipedia page.

I don’t even know if I’m trying to get you to watch the show, figure it out, or just get amped for me cause I’m all about it and starting Tuesday I get to watch the last season of a show I adore.


Maybe this post is a love letter to a show that not only is entertaining and absorbing, full of questions and quandaries but a show that has helped nurture moments in my life I will never forget. Sure, Lost is ridiculous sometimes and sure, it’s all sci-fi-ish and sure, there are place holder episodes that are maddening and of course it’s just a television program. But, what I will always remember about Lost are the conversations and fanciful notions that I shared with my friends over the past six years of my life inspired by one tv show. I remember having brunches where Lost was the impetus to meet with long absent friends. I remember calling a friend in another city during commercial breaks and getting family members and Lost-newbies involved in the saga. And by and large, Lost and the conversations it spawned brought me and my friends closer together. When I hadn’t seen someone in a while or they lived far away, we could always talk about Lost. And not in a detached, “Oh yeah, Hoda’s twinset was awful on “Today” last week” way, but rather in a passionate, conspiratorial and deductive way. Sharing theories and points of minutia lost in the melee ultimately led to catching up faster, with a sense of camaraderie renewed faster and easier than usual. It sounds so cheesy and drippy and awful but really- Lost is one of the sign posts of my recent life and that is one of the many reasons it is special to me. Plus, it’s a fuckin’ kick ass show. Still have no idea what I’m talking about?

Well here you go. Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.

Picture 3.png

And if you want to get involved, check out abc’s website and watch full episodes there. Enjoy rabbitos and tune in to abc at 9 on Tuesday- you know I will be.



Sashay, Jonte’ - Jonte’ Jonte’ Jonte’ !!!

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

This is the big night, kiddos! Tonight Roxy performs live with Narcissister, Cherie Lily and Jonte’ at Santos Party House. Plus, Andrew W.K. will be DJing and Dante Fried Chicken will be cooking up a storm, so come hungry! And come early- doors open at 7 and Roxy performs at 8:30 so make sure you there! It’s only $10 to get in and it’s 18+ so bunnies of all ages, come out, come out! Friday, Roxy heads out to the city of angels for Grammy weekend. She’s DJing at the Purple Lounge at the Hollywood Standard Hotel Friday night in LA. Then Monday at Sway it’s your favorite monthly reggae bash, Rice & Peas! And of course, Roxy will be heading down to Kentucky and Hotel Nightclub February 12th. So get ready, get excited and get involved. See you at the cluuuub.

-the Cottontails


-Thursday January 28th-

Performing live…


Cherie Lily

Bad Brilliance

Roxy Cottontail


+ DJ Andrew W.K.

Santos Party House

96 Lafayette St



Ages 18+

Open Bar 7-8PM





-Friday January 29th-

Wendy City

Live Performance by Dev

plus DJ Roxy Cottontail

with Special Guest Luther

Free with RSVP to

Purple Lounge

The Standard Hollywood

8300 Sunset Blvd

Los Angeles, CA



-Monday February 1st-

G Train Entertainment, Roxy Cottontail and Backyard Magazine Present…

Rice & Peas


Max Glazer (Federation)

DJ Gravy

Weed Kalogne

Orijahnal Vibez

DJ Maya

Micro Don Dada

Door by Pebbles van Peebles


305 Spring Street

Btwn Hudson & Greenwich


-Friday February 12th-

Hotel Nightclub Presents…

Guilty Pleasures

Bad Romance

with Guest DJ Roxy Cottontail

 Hotel Nightclub

410 South 4th St.

Louisville, Kentucky




“We Can Do It!”

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Honey Mag did a feature on 12 “Females Freakin The Industry” and it featured ours truly Miss Roxy Cottontail!! read all about it here….. Honey’s “Sheroes”


Electric Punannnnny

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Ah, Sway kids, and Swadults for that matter, how you never cease to amaze me. This Monday at Sway was incredible. The House of Jackie Brown fashion show after party/Jasmine Solano’s birthday bash/Electric Punanny. It was super fun and positive and made me have renewed faith and pride to be a part of such a special night. (Cheeeeeeeeeeese. Sorry.) Here are some select shots of the night. Find the rest here on the site of the ever talented, Mr. TONE.

Et voila.

-Pebbles van Peebles












Roxy on Rcrd Lbl, HOJB Video + My Life as Liz!!!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

That’s right, little bunnies, the time has come! You are now free (and that is the operative word) to download Roxy’s newest single, Double Dare on everyone’s favorite, Rcrd Lbl. Here’s the album artwork below. Get a load of that homage.


The version available is a sweet remix by our friends Jubilee and Proper Villans (who will both be DJing this Friday at 88 Palace- get involved). So, cop the remix for free and thank me later.

Picture 5.png

Annnnnd, speaking of Double Dare- in case you missed it, which you probably did, since I’m sure you were all out at the Grace Hotel for the House of Jackie Brown fashion show getting your daily dose of Cottontail live from Ms. Rox (check out a short video of her performance here on Socialight Entertainment’s blog) buuuuuuut, Roxy’s single Double Dare premiered on MTV’s My Life As Liz this Monday. Here’s the link and if you don’t want to watch teenagers lamenting and or wasting their youth, go ahead and skip to the 5 minute mark and enjoy some Cottontail made tunes!


And as you all know, you can come check out the Cottontail show tomorrow at Santos as well. SO, there’s all kinds of stuff for you all to get into. Enjoy and happy Wednesday!!



-Pebbles van Peebles

PS- Incidentally, when you Google image search “MTV My Life as Liz” this is the third image that comes up (before any pictures of Liz herself).



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