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NBC: NBA Draft Party

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Hey Bunnies!

Roxy, Paloma and Natasha Sanchez made an appearance at the 40/40 club for the Official NBA draft after party. They had tons of fun!

Check out the pictures:





Brooke Cottontail

NBC: Party Blog

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010


Check out this blog site that NBC has joined in with to deliver

party news and pics! Roxy & her friends are on here too!



Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Listen up Bunnies!

It’s almost 4th of July kids, and we are celebrating early with a site wide 50% off sale - check it -

As usual free shipping on orders over $100 but hot dogs are not included…. Enjoy!
And…… Our Vans collection drops on the site July 6th ! With every VANS shoe or tank top purchase, receieve a FREE grab bag item! - let us know if you are a man or woman, and your size….
                                                                                                                **while supplies last
Check Out The Items!

The Cottontails

Harry Fuckin’ Potter fer Yer Butthole

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Hold on to your butts, kiddos. Because it’s that time of the nerd calender year when the magical, mystical side of Warner Brothers releases the hew Harry Potter trailer. And this is el ultimo chapitre if you know what I’m tri-lingual-ing to say. Fuck yeah.

Picture 12.png

So, let’s start off with this: I like Harry Potter. The books are better than the movies but the movies are still pretty entertaining. And if you’ve read them, you know the last book was a sodding epic of Tolkienian proportions. So for the sake of maximizing profits, I’m sure, Warner Brothers has decided to make the almost 1000 page book into two films. And, appropriately so. I mean, how else would they be able to squish so many angst filled, muffled and hissed exchanges between our hero and the snake faced Voldemort into anything less than 6 hours? Well, the potential is there, that’s for sure. But, fuck, this trailer is awful. If the movies, part I comes out November 2010 and part II drops July 2011, are anything like this repetitive and hollow trailer, you’d be better off listening to the book on tape. Although I’m sure the full set of CDs/tapes is probably like $70 and a movie ticket is only $12.50. Oh wait, I looked it up. It’s only $50 and that’s from!!! Shitttt….

Anyway. This trailer is bogus. Call me a hater. I am. It’s fine. My favorite part is probably… hrm. This is hard. I guess the shot of Helena Bonham Carter’s face?

Picture 6.png

Maybe Ron Weasley looking like a ginger fox? Ummm… Voldemort’s manicure? Yeah when the minutia is this important in a trailer that cost a million bucks and change to make I’m thinking it’s a loss.

Picture 21.png
Another big beef I have with this? The music is awful. That’s always one of the best parts of the other trailers. There was always something kind of haunting and mysterious about them, having much to do with the tinkling theme. Something creepy and wonderful. This is like the wizarding A Team. I don’t give a shit about explosions and short establishing face shots so I can remember how these overpaid kids are aging. Especially with cresendos every 2 seconds and some stupid faux-chamber choir singing “powerful” stuff. No thanks.

Picture 8.png

And what’s with the no real plot moment highlighting? It’s been years since the book came out and I’m not such a fan geek that I have the shit so fresh in my mind. I’m looking at this thinking, “did I even read this book?” I get it that the only real lines of dialogue are spoken by good ol’ He Who Must Not be Named then that one about “I have something to live for” comes out of a squeezed cheeked Mr. Potter.

Picture 7.png

I get it. I do. I get it. Good versus evil. The struggle between the two of them. The finality of it all. But really, this shit sucks. I’m sorry. I got amped to see it and I was so totally let down. Do I even put a link in here for you to subject yourself to the wackness? I guess I have to so you can see what I’m talking about but holy mediocrity, Batman. What would Dumbledore say?


For shame, Mr. Potter. For shame.

Picture 4.png

FYI, I will definitely be seeing part I of this shit show in the fall. Sit on your thumbs till my review comes out. Whether vindicating or scathing, I’m sure you will enjoy!

Have a cuntrixified day!


-Pebbles van Peebles

PRIDE 2010

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Hey bunnies,

hope you all had a wonderful pride weekend full of drinking, dancing, crazy outfits & pure clean fun ;) This weekend Roxy and the Cottontails had a full weekend starting of with Quo were Roxy performed Lets Make Nasty/Bounce Little Kitty, it was a hit! The crowed went wild and cottontail were flying everywhere; Janice Dickinson and Lady Bunny were also there to help celebrate this event. Sunday morning Roxy and the cottontails ventured out for some day drinking full of madness!!!! The Gay Pride Parade was amazing, filled with awesome costumes, people, music, and bigger than life floats swarming the streets. It surely was a Sunday Funday! Sunday night lead Roxy & the cottontail family to HIRO Ballroom, were many of her fans came out to see her and to also hear her new song “My Bad” which will be out soon bunnies! Fans screamed and raised hands high in the air to get a chance in snagging a sticker, cottontail, or t-shirt.








They even brought me my own baby carrots.







Danielle Cottontail

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