Fashionably Deflated..

What a motherfucking week. I don’t even know where to begin. The Colette Dance Class I guess was the start but my week started before I even got there. My week started when I missed my flight after a party I did in Atlanta to NYC. I had missed the initial flight because Caleb (the promoter) and I were up until 7am talking about clubs and parties. I didn’t even really put ATL on blast like I wanted to yet. So before I get into fashion week let me recap on ATL, aka Hotlanta, aka TI territory.

Sloppy Seconds, every other Saturday at the Royal.

ATLiens, you throw a wicked party and showered me in the most amazing presentation of a night I could ever ask for. Mostly because of the artist DOSA, the promoters IAN, CALEB, KELLY + the DJ, KLEVER. Wow. ATL began with a great after noon lunch and a visit to this thriftstore called RAG-O-RAMA. I guess the mission of travelling all over the globe would have to be: throw some hot parties and search for the vintage at stores like RAG-O-RAMA. Fun.
So then I got a much needed nap and Kelly and I head to the Royal. There was a short line and as I walk up, there are white vinyl bunnies on the windows of the club. As I walk inside, I notice the black bar is covered in white bunny stickers, the walls to the windows are covered in white bunnies.

I get a drink and the bartenders are Cottontails, ears and tail!!

The decor is completely black/white too. It felt like a dream.
Well I dressed the part, I wore a white shirt with a black skelton on it and fell like I got sucked into a b/w dream I had like 3 years ago. The night was incredible in every way, thank you so much Caleb!!!! Well while I’m chilling in the club, walking around the party this bull comes up to me “Roxy?” I’m like “uhmmm Todd?”


Completely unsure on the name but guess and have a mescaline flashback. Todd and I spent a lot of 1997/98 days together. This motherfucker always had the blunt, and put all of us onto OutKast. He had no clue I had become a DJ, promoter, night club personality so running into him was pretty crazy. The venue was packed with all types of gorgeous people. D’antoni of Kudu happened to be in his hometown, and Kamal, Milk Kamal, now lives in ATL. Pretty cool. D said he saw Young Dro and some NBA Allstars in the crowd. I was in the DJ Booth for most of the night Djing or playing Play Station while Calebs intern went around taking photos with my camera.


I did get a chance to see the black bunny helmet that DOSA made. It was crazy, the ears mustve been at least 4 or 5 feet long.


Then Caleb was handing out matching Sars masks like the bunny, with a giant white X as abstract whiskers. It was an insane night, I spent most of Sunday in the airport and flew standby with my toes, legs, ears and fingers crossed thst I would make it the Colette Dance Class at Culture club. Well I made it at 10:30 and Justine and I had the first hour to spin. She ended up DJing the first half hour while Susan dressed me in vintage D+G.


I felt like an early 90s clubkid! The whole night was fab because the music was sick, the people were fashionable and my girl Ann Marie also a Pratt alumni and now designer for Nike was sponsoring the event.


She didn’t know but I invited our Transportation design professor from Pratt and she bugged out when she saw him! Shes based out of the Westcoast headquarters so we don’t get to see each other that much. At one point in the night while Ann Marie and I were ruling the dancefloor she whispered in my ear, “I guess all those late nights in the Trans studio paid off”. I couldn’t have agreed more. MIA and Wes Gully came through and Debonair Samir hosted on the mic. That was Sunday.

Monday was a great night of hits and hyphy at Sway with Catchdubs and Soul. Slightly less fashion forward as the rest of the week preceeded to be. I was off on Tuesday but ended up at an amazing dinner meeeting with about a new web show I will be starting in the very near future. Wednesday I had my shoot with i-D magazine and a party at Happy Valley with Justine D. and Missbehave Magazine (which is a very cool blog + has more pics from the party). What a stellar event. I can’t recall a better fashion week event such as this. Sweathearts performance was severe. The whole night was beautiful.

Thursday was my girl Jules julery show in which I MCed in a high waist pant. Mistress of Ceremonies, is what I’m know to some. Tigga and Cazzi vogued and snapped necks.
Friday night I DJed Jeremy Scotts fashion show after party, which by this time, I was more beat than top models Milano Blahnik.

Peace high fashion, I miss my sneakers.


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